At Battle & Sands, we are experts in the frac sand industry. We offer comprehensive wet processing solutions that provide the frac sand needed for oil and gas well drilling.

Frac sand is in high demand, and oil and gas producers are under constant pressure to find suitable solutions to keep production costs low.

Our production facilities are flexible enough to adapt to current industry changes. In addition, we can help producers meet the quality standards they need.

Sand storage

The global trend in fuel exploration continues to spur demand for hydraulic fracturing sand and the need for innovative storage solutions. In addition, conventional construction methods such as welded-in-place steel staged cast concrete and slip formed concrete structures are becoming increasingly obsolete as informed customers prefer bolted flat-panel silos.

Bolted panel construction offers several unique benefits, including ease of installation, reduced start-up time, and more security at the construction site while providing an exceptional storage resource.

Battle & Sands offers a complete line of sand storage silos constructed of heavy-gauge steel. With a robust design that utilizes quality materials, our sand storage silos are more powerful and can handle the additional stress that heavier products such as fracturing sand can cause. 


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