Integrated “Last Mile” logistics

We are in the market to provide logistic solutions in the sand and salt industry, carrying out customized logistic diagnostics for each company.

We are at your service to evaluate and analyze your logistic needs.

Whether you need trucks, railcars, containers, integrated logistics, technological solutions, stock management, and just-in-time deliveries or logistics consulting services, we are at your service to evaluate and analyze your logistic needs.

  • Maximize loading, optimize the number of daily deliveries, shorten downtime waiting times and reduce the number of trucks in pit.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in the on-site sand supply process.
  • Drastically reduce the volume of suspended silica dust generated during the different stages of fracturing, optimizing operating times and minimizing on-site health and safety risks.

Own transloading station

If you deal with large volumes of sand or salt cargo, the best way to ship your goods is by rail. 

At Battle & Sands, we offer an excellent service for loading and transportation of sand and salt, loading the goods directly from inside our facilities.

Your cargo will be safeguarded inside our logistics warehouse with rail entry during the entire transshipment process. 

If you need to transport sand or salt efficiently and economically compared to other means, don’t forget that at Battle & Sands, we are here to serve you in all your logistic and supply processes of hydraulic sand or salt. 

We know how to adapt perfectly to your needs. Contact us for more information.


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